Hollister & Co. has helped create some very well known marketing successes. So when it comes to creative recognition for our ideas, we've gotten plenty of gold stars:

 • New York's International Andy Award of Excellence
 • Great Britain's Best in Catalogue Design
 • Boston's Hatch and Creative Club Advertising Awards
 • The Advertising Photographer's of America Awards
 • Art Direction & Design's Creativity Awards
 • Photo/Design's Annual Advertising Award

Looking for ideas on how to put Hollister & Co. to work for you? Here are some of the ways our clients have used us to position and promote their products and services:

 • Provide marketing research and analysis of the potential for U.S. introduction of a new, high-end golf shoe being made by a European brand footwear company.

 • Introduce and position a new private bank as a leading financial services provider for high net-worth individuals with a unique 'advertorial' campaign in select, tightly-targeted financial, lifestyle and entertainment media.

 • Create a new logo, corporate identity package and trip planning catalogue to launch a national travel company specializing in small group travel.

 • Introduce new lines of licensed merchandise for several established brands with trade and consumer advertising campaigns, catalogues and coordinated media relations targeted to national gift markets.

 • Update the image of a college-market apparel maker in advertising and catalogues that feature a leading BAYWATCH heartthrob as lead model.

 • For an international wood products company, design merchandising systems for the launch of a new line of home office custom-furniture kits to be sold in national home goods stores.

 • Reposition a New England savings bank with the first-ever annual report to use the form of a mystery novel with original photography by a shooter from 'A Day In The Life of America'.

 • Create an Olympic apparel program for a worldwide sponsor of the games; produce image brochures for use by international divisions located in countries around the globe.

 • For an athletic footwear company, create two TV spots for product placement in a Hollywood movie starring one of the big screen's top box office stars.